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Why Medical Alert Devices Are Important

According to the CDC, falls among older adults are extremely common, with an estimated 2.5 million older adults treated for fall injuries in the U.S. every year. An estimated 25,000 of those fall injuries result in death. Justifiably so, 8 out of 10 caregivers are worried about fall prevention.
A medical alert device is a valuable tool to help seniors receive the help they need if a fall or other emergency occurs. For this reason, we came up with a resource to help aging adults and their caregivers learn about the best medical alert companies and devices to help them make an informed decision and find a medical alert system that best fits their needs.

What to Look For in a Home Medical Alert Company

  • Transparency: Companies should be upfront about their pricing. Avoid companies with hidden fees or those who use misleading sales tactics.
  • No Long Contracts: Some companies have contracts that last up to 3 years, and breaking the contract can result in a steep fee. Make sure you can cancel your service at any time without paying a cancellation penalty.
  • Customer Service: If a company is hard to get a hold of or not good at communicating, you may want to think twice about relying on its emergency services.
  • Comfortable and Durable Devices: If you are purchasing a mobile device, bulky all-in-one units may not be comfortable and can make the user feel less inclined to actually wear the device. Make sure the device is comfortable to wear or carry around all day. You’ll also want a device that can withstand normal wear-and-tear and is water resistant.
  • Protection in the Shower: Bathrooms present a high-fall risk for many seniors due to the slick, hard surfaces and potential for water to create hazards. Look for waterproof pendants or other solutions that ensure you or your loved one will be protected in the bathroom.
  • Caregiver Monitoring: Not all caregiver monitoring apps are created equal. Beyond checking if a company offers such a feature, look for services like activity tracking and device location services.
You can learn more about our guide here:–alert-systems/

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